Analyst - Software Engineering at Willis Towers Watson.
Based in Surrey, UK.


Distributed Systems and Networks

This was created using Java, and was a distributed storage system with a controller and multiple nodes (DStores) to store the data. The different nodes communicated using sockets.

Cloud Application Development

This was made using VueJS and Bootstrap, with an accompanying API being coded in Python. The frontend was hosted on Google App Engine, and the API was hosted on Azure Functions and Cosmos DB.

Tree CRDTs with Highly Available Move Operations

View Project: Tree CRDTs with Highly Available Move Operations
3rd Year Project

This project contains the creation of a new Tree CRDT in Go, as well as the implementation of an already existing Tree CRDT. Then compares the performance between the two algorithms. It aims to leverage the benefits of CRDTs to create a system that is highly available and fault tolerant.


Analyst - Software Engineering

September 2023 - Current

Wilis Towers Watson - Reigate

  • Not yet known

Junior Electronics Technician

Summer 2019 & 2020

Cambetronics Ltd - Cranleigh

  • Helped in the production, assembly, inspection and testing of PCBs and other electronics
  • Aided in the production of LED panels for the Frozen musical to meet a strict deadline
  • Caught errors in production while under time limits
  • Helped improve a certain process leading to a 2x speed increase

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